Devil’s Momos- Mussoorie

Hey! I am Mridula. Though I have already written a post about a book summary, I thought I would write about something different this time. Being from Northern India something I always crave, is food. Though we are in a pandemic, I think you should still know about this heavenly dish for every foodie. I wanted to introduce you to the wonders of Devil’s Momos that can be found in a cozy little shop of a hill station in North India, called Mussoorie.

Devil Momos - Picture of Kalsang, Mussoorie - Tripadvisor
Devil’s Momos

Now, if you were wondering, momos are also called dumplings. The image you can see above is how these dumplings look when they come to your table. Me and my parents, we found this little beauty by accident. It can be found in a small but, cozy shop of Mussoorie called Kalsang’s Friends Corner. This place has recently become one of the most recommended restaurants in Mussoorie and is always packed with locals and tourists alike. I am a vegetarian that is why I can’t give you an insight on the non-vegetarian options found here. However, if you are ever roaming in Mall Road in Mussoorie, give this shop a visit and order the Devil’s Momos.

Kalsang Restaurant, Mussoorie. - Picture of Kalsang, Mussoorie - Tripadvisor

Mussoorie has pleasant and cool weather even in summers. My recommendation is while you are here, order yourself a soup as well (they are very tasty). The dumplings can be quite filling and can also be eaten as a main course (instead of eating it like a snack). The shop also provides many main course options like veg chilly garlic noodles or a chopsuey. The dumpling contains the right amount of spice. Thus, it is perfect for all taste buds. The first bite will give you the jitters due to its spiciness but, after some time it will start suiting your taste buds. At the first sight, the shop may not look appealing but, the shop’s interior can make you feel right at home. The people in the restaurant are humble and they never make you feel left out. The last time I visited this place even the prices were quite reasonable but, I don’t know about the current rates. Once, we are out of this pandemic and travelling becomes a regular thing, get yourselves out of your houses and visit this shop.

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