The Lost Hero (Heroes Of Olympus)

Hey! I am Mridula and today I am going to give you the summary of the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series- The Lost Hero. The author of this series is Rick Riordan. I was going to write the summary of Heroes of Olympus first but, then I realised that the overall plot of the series is kind of confusing. So, I decided to take it one book at a time.

Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero (Heroes Of Olympus Series Book 1) eBook:  Riordan, Rick: Kindle Store

This book is about the story of three teenagers -Jason Grace, Piper Mclean and Leo Valdez. They discover that they are demigods (children of God’s) and go to stay at Camp Half-Blood (a camp where demigods can stay safe). However, Camp Half Blood is facing a problem, there most important demigod; Percy Jackson has been missing for months. Jason is also facing problems as he has no recollection of his past life. When the demigods reach camp, they are sent on a quest to free the queen of Gods, aka, Hera. Along the way, small bits and parts of Jason’s past life start becoming clear and he learns some shocking truths. SPOILER ALERT HERE: In the last after the whole quest is over, Jason finally learns another truth about his past, he is a Roman demigod and not a Greek demigod. This when everyone realises that Percy Jackson could be sent to the Roman camp, with again no recollection of his past.

So, I admit that when I read this book, I was kind of disappointed. I am a Percy Jackson fan and I have also read the whole Heroes of Olympus series and this book was kind of average as compared to the other books. I think a major reason for that was Piper Mclean. Whenever you come to Piper’s chapters, half the chapter is about how tragic her past life was or her messed love life with Jason Grace. These tragic paragraphs is what kind of makes the book a bit irritating at times and the very reason, I consider this book below average. However, this book is still pretty addictive when one comes to Jason’s or Leo’s chapters. When it comes to action and adventure, Jason Grace and Leo Valdez provide enough of that. Also, Leo has a humor similar to Percy. Therefore, the humor of Rick Riordan’s book is not going to die and you would not throw this book because of boredom.

This book is kind of a like a basic and gradual introduction to the Roman mythology world. You would have to read this book to know what is going on in the other books of the series. Also, this is a continuation of Percy Jackson series and that is why I recommend reading the Percy Jackson series and then jumping on to this series.

I still remember that after I had read this book, I wanted to desperately know my Godly parent and which character from the books do I most relate to and that is when I came over Rick Riordan’s official website. Here you can get updates about his new books or try out quizzes to test your knowledge. So click on the link below, if you want try out these quizzes. And in case you were wondering, my Godly parent is Poseidon and I relate most to Percy Jackson, when it comes to which demigod I am.

I hope I have convinced you to read The Lost Hero. Please leave a comment below if you liked my summary. I will soon be back with a new summary. Contact me if needed and subscribe for new information. Also you can use on the link below for free Lost Hero E-book. Thank you!

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