My favorite characters (Are they your’s too?)

Hey! I am Mridula. I know I have missed a few blogs that I should have written but, I was kind of busy. So, I am finally going to write a blog today. However, I generally write book summaries on Fridays so, I will write something different today and write a book summary on the upcoming Friday. So, today I am going to write about movie characters that I really really liked for various reasons.

Characters I like:

Draco Malfoy

I am a big fan of Harry Potter both in the book and the cinematic world. When it comes to this wonderful series everyone considers Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Seamus, Neville as the heroes and Draco Malfoy as a part of the opponent’s side. But there is this one scene that proved to everyone that even Draco had his doubts about joining Voldemort. When Draco’s dad asks him to join Voldemort’s army after Harry’s death we see hesitation on his face for a few seconds. Even when he was sent to kill Dumbledore we saw him breaking into tears and that was enough for me to love his character. I think a reason for that is because he was always under pressure about being a good ‘Malfoy’ and nobody let him follow his heart.

Ryan Evans

This character is famous because of the High School Musical series. He acted as Sharpay Evans’s brother. Through the movies we see that Sharpay treats Ryan like he is a sidekick and not her brother. What I liked about him that after sometime he had enough of being Sharpay’s shadow and slowly started siding with Troy and Gabriella but, he still supported Sharpay when she wanted help. Now that’s what I call a good brother.

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Newt (Maze Runner)

So, if you have seen the movie or read the books you will know Newt. I always liked how he could keep his head above water and always think logically (like Thomas) in times of distress and how from keeping his distance from Thomas, he became his best friend or one of them atleast. However, I think what really gave his personality an upgrade was the scene in the third movie where he told Thomas that he had caught the virus. What I really liked there is that instead of putting the burden of his problem on everyone, he choose to keep his distance and only open up about it when the right time came. Then we all hate the scene where he dies but, i think that scene is beautiful because that is a scene where Newt realises he was beyond repair and decided to end everyone’s misery and his own by killing himself. Not everyone has the courage to do that.

Tobias Eaton

I love his character partially because he is able to handle a girlfriend like Tris and partially because he is the only one who provides some action in the film. He is a divergent which is like awesome and the fact that even after so many people trying to annoy him all the time he just has a comeback each time. So, I guess he is a fun character to be around. I would most definitely prefer him over other actors in the movie.

Theo James as Tobias Eaton by ChromiaSonicPrime on DeviantArt

Olaf (Frozen)

Okay I know that Frozen is an animated movie and Olaf isn’t even a real character but, I like him for his humor. So, this was something I realised that the whole plot of both the Frozen movies were pretty good but, they would have been completely boring without Olaf or Sven in them. One of the reasons why everybody ended up liking these movies was because of Olaf. I mean he can get a laugh out of you everytime you see the movie.

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Johnny (Hotel Transylvania)

Another animated character and kind of like Olaf because he is something that took the humor level in Hotel Transylvania to like a whole new level. He is cute, funny, awkward and a lot of times clumsy. All of these things make him like the funniest characters you can come across. In the first movie the way he changes everyone around him in a human-ish way is nerve tickling. Then in the second movie his relation which Dennis as a dad is something that really makes you laugh. The third movie is what again gives him a leverage where he finds his spot in almost every scene with short but, the funniest comments.

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Mysterio (Spiderman: Far From Home)

SPOILER: Almost everyone knows that Mysterio turned out to be the villain in the last. However, I liked a few things about him, like the fact that he always listened to Peter whenever Peter wanted someone to listen to him. The scene where both of them were sitting on the edge of the terrace and had a hero to hero talk, that was the scene that made me love his personality. It is true that by being the villain he did upset us all a bit but, think about it, the lecture he gave Peter was not the kind of lecture a villain can come up with randomly. This may mean that below all that hatred he still was a good man who saw potential in Peter and decided to give him the best advice he could.

Far From Home discovered by Aʟᴇʏɴᴀ on We Heart It

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