Hey! I am Mridula and this post is going to be about the first book in the Divergent series. So, just to make a few things clear here, I do not like talking about this particular book series and there are multiple reasons for it. Maybe that is why I am writing this post to tell you guys why never to read this book.

This book mainly follows the story of Beatrice Prior. She lives in Chicago in a world where there are five factions-Amity, Abnegation, Dauntless, Condor and Erudite. As a 16 year- old she has to choose a faction. Tired from her parents constant company and everyone telling her to be more kind (so she meets her factions requirements), she wishes to change her faction. During her faction test, she gets various factions and she gets to know she can choose any faction. Seeing this as a way to free herself from family responsibilities she chooses Dauntless, while her brother chooses Erudite. Even as an initiate from Abnegation, she sets her mark and got well known among fellow Dauntless. She starts training with her instructor- Four and starts falling in love with him. Her training also has its ups and downs but, all ends well in the end regarding her training. On Visiting Day, Tris’s mother tells Tris to stay strong but not to bring too much attention to herself during training. Erudite starts planning on trying to control the city and the only way they can do it is through the Dauntless.

Soon enough the Erudite find a way to control the Dauntless using a special serum but, the only people who cannot be controlled are people who have traits of every faction (in other words Divergent). Due to this reason Tris (Beatrice) and Four are not controlled by the Erudite. They both make plans to try and stop the leader and succeed in the end.

Personally, I think the plot is good enough. Like it may not sound like much but, the plot is way more complex then this and I cannot fit it all in here. The only reason I think why this book is not so great is because of the way it was written. The scenes are always on the extremes. Either there is a lot of emotion or it is emotionless. All the characters are also a bit too much to handle. Like Tris is always like exaggerating things or trying to act like a cool girl, who doesn’t care about anything around her. Peter, another of the characters, is always bad or even if he is good, it is for a short time. The only decent enough character is Four. He is tough enough to control all other bunch of insane people around him.

So, the only true, hardcore action comes from Four. You can find some fight scenes of Tris but, they are not that great. You can only find some sense of adventure in scenes of Four. However, if you are the kind of person who loves a lot of humour in their books, don’t go for this book. It has a few lines of humour here and there but, not enough to get you laughing a lot. The only exciting thing that any one got out of this book or movie was the factions. Everyone after reading this book wanted to know their factions.

In case you want to know your faction, you can always click on the link below and take the quiz. Also, if you like this post, like it and comment down below. Subscribe to my blog to get to know about new post coming your way. Sadly, I couldn’t find a e-book for Divergent. Au Revoir!

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Hey! I am Mridula and I am a teenager. More importantly, I am a book lover by heart. So, through my blog, I decided to bring out the wonderful world of books to everyone out there. I am new to blogging and still trying my best to write creative blogs. My favorite color is blue and my favorite book is definitely The House of Hades. Thanks!!!

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