Characters I dislike (Do you too?)

Hey! I am Mridula. This post is something a bit different and this time I am talking about characters I don’t like. Those of you who have read my previous posts would know that I did a post about my favourite characters and this one is an exact opposite. However, the twist is that I am only going to talk about characters from the Harry Potter movies.

Argus Filch:-

Okay, I have seriously no idea who in the world even likes this character. Maybe he had a positive side to him but, sadly I could not find one. He was most definitely a very revolting character. The fact that he would always end up trying to ruin Harry’s plans, the fact that he enjoyed punishing students in gruesome ways and most importantly that instead of standing with the right side, he would always follow the person who was currently in power.

Dolores Umbridge:-

Yes, another character that I am pretty sure no one likes. Her major flaw: she was most certainly irritating. She believed that her ideals were perfect and that no other opinions or ideas could be better than her’s. Also, I think she did have a fear of failure and that is the very reason she would continuously punish the students. If you remember Dolores had punished Harry, Fred and George probable because she knew they were better wizards than her and wanted to make herself feel superior.

Dolores Umbridge - Wikipedia

Moaning Myrtle: –

I can already tell you this paragraph is going to be very short because Moaning Myrtle was only in the movies for a short period of time. However, even those scenes of her made me dislike her. The fact that she always cried and cribbed about her death. I mean, I get you died but, that was fifty years ago. So, technically you should be over the crisis or at least cry a little less.

Whatever Happened To Moaning Myrtle From Harry Potter?

Ron Weasley: –

I think this is the point where I should apologise to all Ron Weasley fans. I am sorry for hurting you but, it is the truth, I never liked this guy. The main reason I do not like him is definitely his persistent annoyingness (is that even a word?). He is always repeating his lines and dialogues in the film and for some reason his continuous habit of saying bloody hell is actually irritating and not cute (most people say it’s cute). Another thing I hate about this him is that he is smart but, chooses not to get that side of him out. We can repeatedly see over the movies that he knows about things that Harry and Hermoine obviously don’t know. And though he claims that this knowledge has been given to him by his father and brothers, I doubt that is the entire story. Most probably Ron knew most of that stuff and instead of trying to show that he too is knowledgable, he chooses to act all stupid and idiotic (most of you may call it goofy but, I don’t).

Ron Weasley - Wikipedia

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