Sunset Photo (Guess the city)

Hey! I am Mridula. I know it has been a long time since I have written a post but, before I write a book summary I wanted to post one other thing. I am big on travelling or just being outdoors and having fun. I also have a thing for photography. I mean they are not professional but, they do turn out to be good. So I want you to look at this sunset picture below.

Now, looking at the skyline and the surroundings can you guess which city this might be. Just to assure you this city is famous so, it is not like it is going to be hard to guess. Nowadays, you can hear the name of this city almost everywhere and very frequently as well. I know this isn’t major help but, just to make it a tad bit easier I can give you one more hint. This is one of the only few cities in the world where the ocean cuts through the mainland and almost divides the city into two halves. You can often see ferries roaming about in the water and most images of this place generally contain ferries too (there are none in mine, I know but, the clue is still helpful). I hope this is enough clues to help you guess this city.

Use the comments section below, to write what your guess is. If it is right I will tell you about it and give the three quickest answers a shout out in the next post. Like this page for my photography and subscribe to my newsletter. Read my other posts and comment about what you think about them.

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Hey! I am Mridula and I am a teenager. More importantly, I am a book lover by heart. So, through my blog, I decided to bring out the wonderful world of books to everyone out there. I am new to blogging and still trying my best to write creative blogs. My favorite color is blue and my favorite book is definitely The House of Hades. Thanks!!!

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