Hey! I am Mridula and I know it has been a long time since I wrote my last post but, I am back so yay! This post is going to be about the second book in the Divergent series. The book’s name is Insurgent. So, before we start with the summary about this book I just want tell you guys that I do not like talking about this series. I find it a bit boring and… well you will get to know the other reasons as well. Without any further delays let’s get this show on the road!

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The leader of the Erudite, Jeanine declares all divergents as a threat that has to be removed. At the same time she is trying to open this box that can only be opened by a divergent with properties of all the factions (And three guesses who this divergent is). As only divergents can open the box, she orders their capture. Her theory, she thinks it has a message on how to end the divergents in the city. Tris with all her dauntless, friends and Four, plus a bunch of other people hide within an Amity compound. The Erudite finally manage to capture Tris as she is the one who can open the box. And the rest of the story is how Four finds her and everyone else try to stop a bunch of attacks.

So, this is another overly exaggerated story by the author. I don’t even like the plot of this particular book. It is too confusing and one plot just merges into another, making it a complicated mess of various plots. As usual Tris is the overreacting girl, who acts like she doesn’t care about anything around her. Four, is the only sane person with the only ability to provide some good action scenes. Peter being the greedy person shows his colours in this book too.

If we talk about genres, I don’t know if there is one. Definitely a bit of action and adventure but nothing too extreme or even average. This makes me, an action loving girl a little disappointed in this book. The parts were Tris was tortured not to garish, but I consider them boring. Warning, no real humour in the book, which makes it even more boring than average. So, if you want to read this book just out of curiousty then go ahead but, I would not advice it.

In case you want to know your faction, you can always click on the link below and take the quiz. If you want to my faction, I am a divergent. Also, if you like this post, like it and comment down below. Subscribe to my blog to get to know about new post coming your way. Sadly, I couldn’t find a e-book for Insurgent. Au Revoir!

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