Characters I like and dislike (Mortal Instruments)

Hey! I am Mridula and I am pack with a new post. So, obviously by the title you can tell that this post is not going to be about the plot of a book. Instead this book is going to be about the characters I like or dislike from the “Mortal Instruments” series. Now, this series is a beautiful series and a must read. However, I will tell you their plots in some of my other posts. So, lets start this post.

Jace Herondale (Liked character):-

Okay, first of all if you read the summary behind the book cover, it will tell you that Clary Fray is the protagonist. However, that is not completely true. After reading the books a bit, you will realise that eventually, Jace turns out to be more important than Clary. The entire book has a lot of wars, so i can’t really say that Jace gives all the action. However, his action is definitely awesome and worth reading. Jace cares about the people around him but, you can call him careless and selfish on some occasions when he thinks only about his benefit even when his friends might be in danger. Not to mention Jace’s humour which always makes intense moments light and laughable.

Clary Fray (Disliked character):-

Clary Fray, she holds the title of important character with another guy (not Jace. Jace is first). However, she has many important roles and contributions for the victory in the war. Even after this, I really don’t like her character. She is the kind of character who just keeps on crying, with or without any reason. One of the major things I dislike about her is that, she always take careless decision that are based on emotions and not logic. It is true that Jace was careless as well but, all his decision were based majorly on logic and little emotions.

Alec Lightwood (Liked character):-

I have seriously no idea who cannot like this this character. He is not Jace’s biological brother but, both of them are as close as brothers. He is simple, always looking out for everyone else, especially his sister and Jace. His action, not equivalent to Jace but, still enjoyable. He is the kind of person who always takes his decisions rationally and with a lot of logic (finally one guy who is logical). He is also homosexual, his boyfriend being a warlock- Magnus Bane.

Isabelle Lightwood (Liked character):-

Isabelle is definitely a liked character. I specifically like her attitude, which is “just because I am a girl does not means i am weak, i am stronger and better than men”. She has a certain badass attitude that you can’t help but, like. She is almost as stubborn as Jace and unlike Alec who is always calm, she is impulsive. She always speaks up for herself unlike Alec who always contradicts everything she thinks and is definitely a person you would want as an ally in war. However, while one may see her hard side, she has a kind side too. She care about both Jace and Alexander(Alec). She also has a little brother Max and because their mother is always away for work she becomes a mother figure for Max.

Simon Lewis (Half liked and Half disliked):-

Simon is Clary’s best friend. Now, he isn’t exactly the cool kid in the block. In fact he is very awkward and does not have many friends. To tell you the truth I would have liked Simon if he wasn’t so awkward. His awkwardness makes him irritating. I like him because even though many people think him to be a coward, he proves himself to be very brave in one of the other books after what happens to him. During those times you actually think that Clary is lucky to have a best friend like Simon and not the other way around.

Magnus Bane (Liked Character):-

The warlock of the family is here. He is Alec’s boyfriend but, that is not the only identity he has. He is one of the strongest warlocks you can find. With a “I don’t care about anybody except for me” attitude, mixed with a little humour, this character wins almost everyones hearts. He and Jace together are the humour punch in the books. Magnus’ and Alec’s relation is a cute one and you can never get enough of it. Magnus has a huge part in all the books and sometimes I think that without him, the others wouldn’t have succeeded in half the events.

Valentine Morgenstern (Disliked Character):-

He is one of the villains of the book and I don’t like him because he is the villain. I don’t like him because he doesn’t really seem like a villain. I don’t stereotype villains as people with sinister smiles and bragging personalities but, this guy is suppose to be the most dangerous villain in the book and his paragraphs don’t make him seem that dangerous. In fact if I had to rate him according his negative character then I would definitely give him an average. He just doesn’t reach the bar. I wish he could have been portrayed a tad bit more negative.

Jonathan Morgenstern (Liked Character):-

Okay, he is the second villain in the book and holds the title for second most important character with Clary. Definitely a villain I like though. He is not the kind of person with the sinister smile and things but, he definitely has a vibe around him that clearly tells you how negative he is. He is certainly way more dangerous than Valentine Morgenstern. Also if I had to rate him according to his negative personality then he is like above the bar. I don’t have much to say about him because I don’t want to give away some major spoilers. He is a awesome fighter, intelligent (gosh how did he plan everything he did) and as bad as you can imagine. I mean he would definitely never have come to the good side.

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