A Beautiful Autumn

Hey guys, I am trying to write a short story and posting it for the first time on my blog. I was really nervous, I usually don’t let people read my stories but I thought “what the hell”. I hope you guys like my story about a young girl by the name Linda who is writing out her love story to her sister as a story on her sister’s request. This is also written in a first person form. Rate the story and comment for any improvements or changes. Also tell me if you would like me to post any more of these stories. The story is named A Beautiful Autumn. Hope you enjoy it!


Dear sister,

They say life is a journey with its ups and downs, a simple “roller coaster” as described as many others. I would care less about such descriptions of life. I used to be one of those who would look upon life as a burden- A sad and gloomy necessity but a burden altogether. I saw my life journey as nothing but dead and straight with not even the slightest indication of any excitement or friends in it until that faithful Autumn holiday.

That autumn could be described like any other. The soft grey clouds with the sun peeking from between. The various shades of red, orange and golden could be seen all around giving a strange yet familiar contrast to the grey in the sky. I met him that day. Many would describe him as my lover at the first glance but to me he is a friend- trustworthy, cute, loyal, understanding and yes, handsome. A short distance from my house is a small park full of the Autumn trees I have come to love so much. I often go there and sit on a bench in one corner underneath the trees , a single book in my hand. That day I saw him sitting on the bench, “my” bench as I refer to it as. I was not in the state of mind to be polite or to ask for explanations as to why was this stranger of roughly six feet with short cut, black hair was sitting on my bench. So, I marched right up to him and asked him to vacate my place of seating. He calmly looked up and stared right into my eye and I could have sworn that my heart stopped right there looking back into the most luxurious green eyes i have ever seen. He got up with the grace of a tiger and politely apologised for taking my bench.

As he started to walk away I realised that maybe this stranger wasn’t that bad. After all he had apologised and also given up the bench he had fairly claimed by sitting on before me. Also I immediately sensed his good taste in book seeing the entire published works of William Shakespeare in his hand- an author whose play I greatly cherished reading. I asked for him to stay also spewing out my apologies for being rude and selfish for making his give up the bench. He hesitantly agreed but sat down next to me. Slowly we got into a conversation about Shakespeare, then into our favourite authors and this slowly turned into a lengthy conversation about our like and dislikes which surprisingly do match in huge numbers. After that day we would often meet in the park and talk for hours. I came to like him and his company but only took those feelings as feeling I would easily feel with a friend around not thinking once that perhaps I was falling in love. Maybe the people who saw us as lovers were not wrong after all. However, I was scared of being rejected and being denied my love for this man but what caught me completely off guard was when he asked me out for a simple lunch date at a fancy diner nearby. I was awestruck and flabbergasted but took him up to the offer anyhow.

It has been three years since that “simple” lunch date and now I can say we are truly lovers. He had asked me to marry him not three weeks ago and I was more than ecstatic about it. A lot has changed since then, I have found love, knowledge and to my great content friends as well. I no longer describe life as sad or gloomy but as a true life of adventure with should be enjoyed like a good book and not looked upon as a burden.

You had asked me to write to you my love life in the form of a story and hence, I have done so. Now, what intentions you may have of asking me to do so, I do not know but I hope I have given you what you asked for. Now, i must retire from writing this letter to you as it is late in the night and I must go to sleep. You have already received the invitation to my marriage ceremony next month so, as my sister I ask for you to be there without fail. Give my love to mother and tell her all is going well for me at the institute here. I will be sending money as well. Write me a letter soon.

Your sister,

Linda Swift.


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