hey there, its me again! here for another story thats kinda personal. this piece is called sunsets and well… im not gonna comment much on the meaning LOL. im proud of it, and thats all u need to know. i do hope tho, that if anyones in a similar situation or conundrum, that this brings at least a bit of comfort 😀

– aurin

Sunsets are terrifying. I don’t know why, they really just are. They’re signaling an end, a finality. The day’s ending now, the sun’s setting. It’s change, the current waving it’s final tearful goodbyes, stepping aside for the future to step forward and proudly announce itself. 

There will never, ever be a day like this again. It’s over. But god, damn it, why does the end always have to be so beautiful?

I sit down at the beach of new beginnings, watching this beautiful sunset. With me of course, is you! There you are, with me like you’ve always been. There were more here once, but the ocean’s consumed them now. You’re familiar, you’re not like the day, you’ll stay with me even through the sunset, into the murky night and into the new dawn, and we’ll be together through it all. 

Well, I hope we’ll be together.

That’s what I said to the others, and the others, and all the ones who were eaten by the ocean. 

I don’t want you to go.

I found myself unconsciously holding your hand, not wanting to let go. I want this to continue and never stop, I want to be with you until the end of time and through even the final day, but is that even possible? You say that our bond is so powerful as of now, so how could we not stay together, right? And I want to believe you, your beautiful, wise words, but nights are tough. When night comes we have to return to our own homes, we can’t hold hands through this, we can’t stay on that same beach forever. And then what? How strong is that string? Will it snap? I found myself crying on you again. And you comforted me, as you always did, your smile, as gentle as it’s always been. But the tears didn’t stop. Seeing your smile, your genuine, warm smile only made me want to never stop seeing it. I want to pause time here, under a sea of golden sunlight peppering over the glistening sands, the hardship of the day over, left to bathe in this single, beautiful moment, but… I can’t. 

I remember amidst the crying I heard you sigh, that genuine smile undercut by a worn empathy. And you spoke.

“Hey… you know, even after the day ends, even if I’m not here with you, I’d still be happy. The day might be over, this sunset even, short and quiet, but you know what? We had a good day. This day was a beautiful experience and seeing this sunset, watching it with you… well, it’s a one of a kind experience. I’ll miss it all, yeah, but honestly? Getting to experience this day with you, seeing this sunset, and all the memories that came here, it’s more than enough. We had a good run, an amazing run even, a run so shockingly bright that everyone from miles away has to just… look at us. We were here! WE were together, and wether we’re together for 10 seconds or 10 years more, I cherished every second of this day. I cherished every moment with you.”

It’s night now. But what you said stood with me. The red string that bonds us seems to be taut, maybe stretched to its limit, but it’s there, still as red as red could be. And on it I found a letter, addressed to me, from a notable source. And on it, photos, so many photos of today, memories, pockets of sunsets, of ups and downs, of fun times and tough ones. I could see your smile writing it. 

You know what, the day might be over, and our bond might be tested, but god damn it, I’ll hold onto that string no matter what it takes. You’re too dear to me for me to just give up. 

There will never, ever be a day like this again. But you know what? That’s fine. I’m ready to take on the next days, with you or not. And if you’re there even through it all? Even better. But whatever happens, the new day is coming, and as scary as that is, I think I can handle it.

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hello there!! im aurin! i write short stories and draw sometimes! i hope u enjoy my works! he/him

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