Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus)

Hey! I am Mridula and today I am going to give you the summary for the second book in the Heroes of Olympus series- Son of Neptune. You can check-out my previous blog for the summary of the first book in the series. I told you before that the overall plot of this series is kind of confusing and that is why we are taking it one book at a time.

The Son of Neptune - Wikipedia

So, this book mainly focuses on Percy Jackson. Basically, Percy ends up in the roman camp for demigods(half god, half human) where he can stay safe from the monsters in the outside world. However, there is one tiny problem, Percy is sixteen years old and he has no recollection of his past life except a name- Annabeth Chase. He is a child of the sea god- Neptune and the Romans are suspicious of him because they do not have good relations with Neptune. He quickly befriends Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque. However, he is soon sent to a quest with his two friends to rescue Thanatos, the God of death from a giant in Alaska. On their quest they also learn the Earth goddess Gaia is waking from her millennia long slumber, also waking many giants in the process.  During their journey, Hazel and Frank become true heroes who know how to use their powers and have self-confidence. Percy regains his memory on their return to Camp Jupiter and finds an army of monsters led by Polybotes(another giant) attacking it. Percy successfully defeats Polybotes and Percy’s friends from the Greek camp find him.

To tell you the truth I just love talking about this book. I think a reason for that is, the return of Percy Jackson. I mean Percy is strong, he is humorous, loyal, a child of Neptune and above all, he is awesome. There are many instances in the book where we get to know about Hazel’s past life but, those parts aren’t boring. In fact it is necessary to read those parts to understand a few things that happen to Hazel in the other books of this series. Frank is kind of a shy guy and is facing a lot of problem because he was an outcast his whole life and now he is the center of all the attention and a lot of people have expectations with him. I guess the trio of these demigods is just fun to read about especially when you have a funny character like Percy backing it all up.

So, another thing I like about this book is that it has a lot of action and nerve racking scenes. I mean when there is Percy Jackson in a book, action and adventure is sure to follow. This book is now a complete manual to both Roman and Greek mythologies which makes this book even more fun to read. In all definitely add this book to your book-list.

I still remember that after I had read this book, I wanted to desperately know my Godly parent and which character from the books do I most relate to and that is when I came over Rick Riordan’s official website. Here you can get updates about his new books or try out quizzes to test your knowledge. So click on the link below, if you want try out these quizzes. And in case you were wondering, my Godly parent is Poseidon and I relate most to Percy Jackson, when it comes to which demigod I am.

I hope I have convinced you to read Son of Neptune. Please leave a comment below if you liked my summary. I will soon be back with a new summary. Contact me if needed and subscribe for new information. Also you can use on the link below for free Son of Neptune E-book. Thank you!

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