The darkness Beyond

Hello guys! It has been a while since I have posted any content. I recently wrote a poem. It does have any rhymes and is a form of Slam poetry. It is about a person’s journey through depression and coming out of it. It quite a long poem so read through it with patience. Please read through and comment below. Thank you.

Let us look into the darkness beyond,

Once again asking yourself if your fear pains or nags you like a quiet voice,

Look at that reflection beyond the mirror and ask yourself if the smile is genuinely you.

You hold on believing that the person in your mind will leave and that smile will no longer be fake,

Still, you are lonely, too scared to make friends, too ready to be alone

And that is why that voice pains, but never shuts

It tears all the walls you build because it knows your fears, it feeds on it

You lead two lives, one that laughs and the other that cries internally

And yet, you look around hoping someone will understand but, they leave you behind like wind after it rains

You scream to yourself, to the world,

You punish yourself and break that mirror to hide from self

Yet, we both are here with the voice still in us

Let us look in the darkness beyond and ask if we are still the same,

Or have we changed

Do we have sunken eyes, hollowed cheeks and fast heartbeats

Or just like the others, we have beautiful faces with a pretty laugh.

Look in yourself and ask “Do I have the storm of doubt or the fire of confidence in me?”

And you will know when you have an answer

You look in the darkness again but, now there is a light at the end,

It calls to your heart but, the voice in you says “NO”

It whispers, “The light is not in your comfort zone, it is new and different”

But your heart screams, it says “Let the mind be left behind this once, listen to what your heart says. Choose because it is time too.”

You thought hard and this first time we both chose our hearts,

You started the walk to the light and I went with you through the metamorphosis of life.

The fake laugh turns real, with bell chimes ringing somewhere within it

You lose your mask of despair and we both feel a ferocity, 

One that has the fragrance of confidence

It has been years since we have lived in the walls of darkness.

The voice has died and is replaced with the sounds of friends and family,

Your smile infectious, makes others smile too

Let us look in the darkness beyond and laugh to ourselves, “This was once me”.

I hope you liked the poem. Don’t forget to comment, like and share this post. Subscribe to my blog for more content. Contact us if you want to ask or suggest something. Au revoir!

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Hey! I am Mridula and I am a teenager. More importantly, I am a book lover by heart. So, through my blog, I decided to bring out the wonderful world of books to everyone out there. I am new to blogging and still trying my best to write creative blogs. My favorite color is blue and my favorite book is definitely The House of Hades. Thanks!!!

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