The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Hi! I am Mridula and this time I am writing the summary of a book called “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. Now, this book isn’t exactly a fan favorite among teenagers and sometimes adults as well but, I still like the book. I will try to give you a brief summary of the book.

The book is about a fictional lawyer, named Julian Mantle. He was the most prosperous and richest lawyer in the world and the narrator of the story is one of Julian’s colleague and friend. Julian one day sells his mansion and his priced Ferrari to learn the the secret of being happy from the Sages of Sivana in the Himalayas. After learning the secret, he comes back to meet the narrator and spends time with him, passing on his knowledge to the narrator.

The book may seem boring to a lot of people because the first impression you get is that it is a philosophical book. However, if you are a person who has read a lot of books, then this book might seem interesting as it has a very beautiful plot. Robin Sharma has used simple objects or places to describe the seven virtues to be happy and become successful in life. When you first read the book, it may come as a surprise that how can such simple objects teach you how to be happy but, as you continue to read the book you will find that each object has it own teachings and a very important role to play. This made it easier for me to remember all the seven virtues.

It is true that the book may bore teenagers because it takes a lot of effort not to sleep while you are reading this book and it has no illustrations either but, if you take your time and understand every aspect of the book carefully, you will not feel bored. All the virtues have been described in a beautiful and elegant way. This book cannot be categorized as adventurous or humorous. So, in case you are the kind of person who needs both of these genres in their books, The monk who sold his Ferrari may not be your kind of book. However, in case you want to try a new book genre be sure to add this one to your book list.

I hope I have convinced you to read this book series. Please leave a comment below if you liked my summary. I will soon be back with a new summary. Contact me if needed and subscribe for new information. You can listen to the audio book or buy the book online as I wasn’t able to find a free E-book link for this book. Thank you!

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Hey! I am Mridula and I am a teenager. More importantly, I am a book lover by heart. So, through my blog, I decided to bring out the wonderful world of books to everyone out there. I am new to blogging and still trying my best to write creative blogs. My favorite color is blue and my favorite book is definitely The House of Hades. Thanks!!!

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