City of Glass

Hey guys! Mridula here. I know it has been a very long time since I have written a post but, with everything out of the way, I am back with a new post about another novel for all you book lovers out there. This post is about the third book in the Mortal Instruments series- The City of Glass. Now this one is not one of my favourite novels in the series but, I like it in its own special way. So, with further ado, lets get this journey started.

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This book is about Clary’s journey to Idris- the sacred city of Shadowhunters. However, what she does not know is that Jace does not want her coming and has already arranged with Simon to convince Clary not to go to Idris. Upon arriving at the institute Magnus tells Clary that the Lightwoods have already gone to Idris through the portal after a forsaken attack and have taken Simon with them as he got injured. Angered by Simon’s betrayal, Clary decides to use her power to create her own portal and Luke follows after her. The next chapters of the book move to Simon to when he wakes up in Alicante in the Lightwood’s home. He meets Sebastian Valec and Aline Penhallow. Soon after Alec asks Simon to accompany him to the Clave in Idris where unknown to Alec, Simon is arrested for being a vampire. We again switch to Clary’s POV and when she lands in the lake Lyn on the outskirts of Alicante when she creates the portal. The lake can cause a person to see hallucinations and makes them delusional and hence, Luke takes her to a woman’s house who helps Clary recover. Later Alec gets to know of Simon’s arrest and asks Jace for help to save him. However, Simon refuses the help saying that if he escaped the Lightwood’s would be blamed. After a little while we see that the Lightwoods get to know about Clary’s arrival to Alicante. Clary gets to meet Sebastian and Aline and also asks for Sebastian’s help to Ragnor Fell. However, she finds Magnus instead who informs her that she would need to find the Book of White to look for a cure for her mother, Jocelyn. Finally Clary lands at Wayland Manor with Jace where she gets to know a little shocking piece of evidence about Jace and her blood relations. After this chapter chaos breaks free in Alicante when the demons attack the city and Sebastian also disappears (the reason for his disappearance can be read in the book). Soon after the demons are driven away, the downworlders and shadowhunters agree to from an alliance. During this time Clary also uses here rune powers to save Simon from the other vampires who detest him for being a daylighter. The book finally ends with Luke and Jocelyn’s confession of love.

The City of Glass is one of my favourite book. It is a mix of adventure and action packed with hints of humour, romance and drama. The author has portrayed the personality of each character perfectly and this indeed does help us understand new as well old characters better than we did before. This book can seem a bit ridiculous sometimes when you read it. It also does take a chaotic turn in the last where there is just a lot of things happening together and it can get overwhelming at times if you lose the flow of the story. Also there are a few scenes in the book where the pace of the story slows slightly to create space for a little romance. These scenes can get a bit boring and are especially disliked by those who have no interest in reading about romance in their books.

In conclusion, I would say that this book is a great read and can always help you get a good laugh but, it can become a bit too much at times and hence, one should mentally prepare themselves for this situation. Also, this book is always great with a bowl of popcorn for all this thrilling and action packed scenes that can be seen in plenty within this book.

In case you are wondering which Shadowhunter character you are, you can use this link. And the picture below will also tell you which character am I like.

I hope I have convinced you to read City of Ashes. Please leave a comment below if you liked my summary. I will soon be back with a new summary. Contact me if needed and subscribe for new information. Also you can use on the link below for free City of Ashes E-book. You can also use a Kindle Unlimited subscription in case you want to keep the book saved. Merci Beaucoup!

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